Keen to make the most of your weekends? Getting there can cost nearly as much as the activity does. Plan ahead, take advantage of cheap tickets, and pocket the difference.

How long it’ll take: Just a few minutes

Equipment needed:

  • Internet access, to book those tickets
  • Railcard/coachcard, to bag the discounts
  • Free websites, that show you what’s on in your area

1. Fill up for less

The cost of that quick getaway by car is mainly driven by fuel. Get the best price for your petrol, or dial down your diesel, by filling up at the cheapest petrol station. Think supermarkets rather than service stations. Zoom in on less pricey pumps using a free website like

2. Rake it in with a railcard

Slash the cost of train tickets by forking out for a railcard first. Typically the railcards below cost £30, which gets you a third off most rail journeys for a whole year. Look out for deals and discounts though – sometimes you can find offers for 10% or a tenner off the railcard cost.

Young and fancy-free? Get a Young Person’s Railcard if you’re 16 to 25, or over 25 in full-time education.

A little bit older? A 26-30 Railcard gets you a third off rail fares to travel across Britain.

Live in the South East? A Network Railcard works on most fares, including travel to and around London.

Kids in tow? A Family & Friends Railcard works for up to four adults travelling with as many as four kids, and can get you a third off adult fares and 60% off children’s tickets.

Joined at the hip? Try a Two Together Railcard for two named persons travelling together.

Oldie but goodie? Get a Senior Railcard once you hit 60.

3. Search for the cheapest tickets

Prices vary dramatically when it comes to train travel. Book a trip during peak time, you can find yourself potentially forking out hundreds of pounds extra than if you went a few hours later.

Become a savvy traveller by checking with the network when you can use off-peak (or super off-peak travel) to avoid hefty prices.

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