Ever wondered where your money has mysteriously disappeared to by the end of the month? Well… there’s a good chance you’ve eaten it.

Heading to the coffee shop, nipping out for a sandwich at lunch, grabbing a chocolate bar when paying for petrol – it all adds up. But with a bit of planning, you might save a few pounds a day, which by the end of the year, you’re looking at a whole holiday or savings buffer if anything ever went wrong and you needed few extra quid.

What you’ll need to do?

1. DIY lunch

Yeah, yeah take a packed lunch to work. Heard it all before? Don’t spend much anyway? Well here’s some ‘real talk’ for you – even a €3.50 meal deal mounts up. That’s €875 a year, before you’ve set a foot in a fancy sandwich shop. That is legitimately the cost of a holiday.

2. Swap your coffee

Another oldie but a goodie. That coffee on the way to work might only cost €2.50. Small change right? But it adds up to an eye-watering €625 a year.

Get yourself an insulated coffee mug or flask, spend a couple of minutes making your own coffee before you leave, and save enough for a weekend away.

3. Watch out on water

If you often find yourself buying bottles of water? Consider forking out on a cheap refillable water bottle. Top up from the tap, replace it in your bag, and roll on the savings. If you like your water chilly, keep a bunch of bottles in the bottom of your fridge, or invest in an insulated bottle.

If you’re a fan of the fizzy stuff, a 1.5L bottle you keep at the bottom of the fridge is a lot cheaper (especially if it’s on offer) than forking out for a can or two a day (as long as your colleagues don’t nick it!).

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